EPCOS -TDK Products

Product Information

  • PFC Capacitors

  • Power Factor Controller

  • Capacitor Duty Contactor

  • Detune Filters (Harmonic Reactors)

  • Thyristor Switch

  • APFC Panel

EPCOS -TDK Products

PFC Capacitors

These are the basic blocks of the APFC system and....

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Power Factor Controller

Power Factor Controller senses the load power factor and automatically switches....

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Capacitor Duty Contactor

Capacitor Duty Contactors have additional auxiliary contacts with current....

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Detune Filters (Harmonic Reactors)

De-Tuning Reactors are used to tune the capacitor banks to a known desirable...

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Thyristor Switch

Thyristor Modules are very effective in eliminating the inrush current of...

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APFC Panel

EPCOS offers wide range of low voltage automatic power factor correction systems....

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