MV Switchboards / CRP's

Product Information

Indoor/outdoor Metal-clad Switchgear with Vacuum Circuit Breaker on withdrawable truck up to 36 kV

  • 8BK80 Redesigned

  • 8BK88 Plus

  • NxAir

  • Extension Panels For New Series Or Old 8BK80 Series

  • Indoor System House Switchboard Up to 33KV

  • Outdoor KIOSK System House Switchboard Up to 33KV

  • Control & Relay Panels

Personnel Safety :

  • All switching operations performed with front door closed

  • Earthed metal partitions and shutters prevent contact with live parts

Tolerance to environment :

  • Full metal enclosure ensures high resistance to ingress and interference under all operating conditions

  • Insulators have high anti-tracking qualities

Operational Security / Maintenance :

  • Full mechanical interlocking

  • Access door fully integrated in interlock system

  • Service-proven maintenance free vacuum circuit breaker, hermetically sealed vacuum interrupters, low maintenance drive mechanism

  • Circuit breaker mounted on withdrawable truck

  • Safe easy truck movement behind closed cubicle door

  • Earthed metal partitions and shutters

  • Access to cable terminals from the rear

  • Simplicity and robustness of operating mechanism with minimum linkages

  • Independent pressure relief vents for all HT compartments