Spare Parts of VCB & Panel

Product Information

We Offer Loose Spares, Spare Kits For VCB Model 3AH0, 3AH51, 3AH54, 3AH3, 3AK, 3AH4 Indoor, 3AF01 Outdoor & For Panel Type 8BK80 OLD, 8BK80 Redesigned, 8BK88 PLUS, nxair Up to 33 KV

We have carefully prepared sets with exactly the parts required for your maintenance or repair

VCB Spare Part Kits Solution :
  • Pole Kit

  • Contact Arm Kit

  • Mechanism Kit

  • Rack In Mechanism Kit

  • Electrical & Maintenance Kit

  • Panel Spare Kit

  • Spares Support To Age Old Products

  • Spares Management Based On Install Base

  • Upgraded Spares In case Of Obsolete Products

  • Spare Part Kits To Ensure Min. Down Time

  • Predefine Spares For 2 Yrs., 5 Yrs. & 7 Yrs. Operation

  • React immediately by having all spare parts at hand

  • Increase your uptime and Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE)

  • Reduce production losses and costs

  • Profit from price advantages of spare part kits compared to ordering individual parts

  • Less space to store Inventory

  • Your spares kit works as a Kind of Insurance Policy