Thyristor Switch

Product Information

Thyristor Modules are very effective in eliminating the inrush current of capacitors. They are controlled switching device which can be made to switch on when the voltage across Thyristor is zero, thereby eliminating the inrush current. Additionally, Thyristor switching is used when the load variation is rapid as in the case of cranes, lifts, spot welding, plastic extrusion etc

EPCOS offers high performance thyristor switching modules for system voltage from 380V to 690V. These modules are natural cooled, highly reliable and very compact. The power electronic devices used have a rated PIV of 2200V, one of the highest in its class, thus enhancing the reliability of the module. TSM is used with accessories such as 1% (di/dt limiting resistor) to enhance the performance of the system

  • Air Natural Cooled (No Fan)
  • Otally Enclosed (No Live Parts)
  • No Separate Firing Cards
  • Self-Diagnostic