Our Services

Servicing & Testing of LV/MV/EHV Circuit Breakers & Isolators

Service Information

  • VCB Indoor / Outdoor Up to 36 kV
  • Air Circuit Breakers
  • SF6 CB & Isolator up to 420kV

We do Servicing and Testing of all Make LV/MV/EHV Circuit Breakers & Isolators of all ratings with best quality and OEM standard with respective testings like Close – Open Time, Contact Resistance, IR Test etc. (Scope is subject to specific models.)

Benefits to the Customer:

  • Increasing product life and reliability
  • Timely Awareness of discontinued/phased out product and related retrofit solution
  • Spares Management for age old/running products based on installed base
  • Spares Recommendation for wear and tear, and timely corrective action

We Offers,

  • One time service i.e. Preventive Maintenance once in a year
  • Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC)
  • Emergency Services for breakdown (Requirement Basis)

Our Services

Servicing & Testing of LV/MV/EHV Circuit Breakers
& Isolators

VCB Indoor / Outdoor up to 36kV, Air Circuit Breakers, SF6 CB & Isolator up to 420kV ...

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Relay Testing & Co-ordination

Protection Testing, Configuration, Co-ordination , Scheme Checking, Retrofitting, Commissioning...

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Testing of CT-PT, CVT, LA, Power Transformer

To increase efficiency & productivity of the equipment...

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VCB Retrofitting

Solution for MOCB, BOCB, Air Blast, SF6 and VCB for Medium Voltage Range (3.6kV up to 36kV)...

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Relay Retrofitting

We have Retrofit Solutions against Old Electromechanical or Numerical Relays of all Make with Advanced Technology Based...

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Up Gradation And Refurbishment of MV Panels

Our Competency – Benefits Customers...

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Erection & Commissioning of Substation/Switchyard

Erection, Testing, Commissioning, Supervision for MV/EHV Switchgears & Panels...

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Power Quality Study

To have a safe, efficient & reliable power system for your facility under both normal & abnormal conditions...

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ACB Servicing & Retrofitting

Safe, Reliable Solution towards longer life .We do servicing/overhauling of LV Circuit breakers with...

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