Vacuum Circuit Breakers

Product Information

We supply complete spare VCB of various models and rating upto 33kV as a fullproof & ready solution for any emergency or breakdown

Available in 3AH0, 3AH51, 3AH54, 3AH3, 3AK, 3AH4, 3AE1, 3AE5 INDOOR, 3AF01 OUTDOOR up to 33 KV

  • Maintenance free with new generation imported vacuum interrupters

  • The gear box is sealed and lubricated for life

  • Free from chain snapping problem of conventional operating drive mechanism

  • Highest dielectric strength over a small contact gap

  • Constant low contact resistance

  • Fastest recovery strength

  • Lowest arc energy dissipation

  • Lowest drive energy requirements

  • Minimum contact erosion

  • No fire hazards or explosion risk

  • VCB has least number of moving parts and hence highest reliability