Power Factor Controller

Product Information

Power Factor Controller senses the load power factor and automatically switches on the required amount of capacitor steps so as to maintain the power factor as close as possible to the describe (set/target) power factor. EPCOS offers a wide range of controllers from 4 steps to 16 steps, with various measuring and control technologies. Measuring techniques include single CT sensing as well as 3 CT sensing options. Controllers are available with wide range of features and various degrees of intelligence and various data logging and communications features

Ranges :

  • Controller Series - BR4000/5000/6000/7000
  • Steps - 4,6,8,12,15,16
  • Sensing - 1 CT or 3 CT
  • Measurement Current - X/5 or X/1A selectable
  • Switching - Contactor, Thyristor, Hybrid
  • Communication - RS232, RS485 and GSM
  • Display Parameters - PF, V, I, KW, KVAr, KVA, THD-I, THD-V
  • Dual Target PF Setting (EB and DG)
  • Special Alarm Output
  • Protection Warning Display
  • Special Features - GSM or Data logging are available on request