Fire Protection


  • 24/7 protection: Automatically detects and suppresses fires at the source.
  • Plug & play simplicity: Systems and kits are pre-configured to NFPA 2001 specifications with plug & play simplicity. No complex electronics.
  • Fast and effective: Rapid reaction as soon as a fire starts, before it can damage equipment, and before the sprinkler system activates.
  • Highly economical: Outstanding cost-performance ratio.
  • Highly dependable: No electricity or moving parts are needed.

Tube-Based Automatic Suppression Systems

It offers supplemental protection for the under-protected gap between the fixed...

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Transformer Explosion Prevention & Fire Extinguishing System

A transformer is among the most expensive equipment located in power plants...

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High Velocity/Medium Velocity Water Spray System for Transformers

The High Velocity Sprinkler Systems are installed to extinguish liquid fires ...

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