Electric Forklift

Product Information

It is Battery operated forklift used for lifting a load Capacity upto 8 ton.

Benefits :

  1. Compact Drive Axle
    • Twin drive design with high performance Linde AC technology
    • Automatic Parking brake
    • Maintenance- free oil-bath vane brake
  2. Ease Of Servicing
    • Simple access to oil filter and oil level gauge
    • Fast accessible windscreen washer system and coolant reservoirs
  3. Linde Twin Accelerator Control
    • Seamless, rapid reversing without repositioning the feel
    • Short pedal travel
    • Fatigue free working
    • Increased throughput and performance
  4. Linde Load Control
    • Safe and highly efficient load handling
    • Precise and effortless fingertip joystick control of all mast functions
    • Small tactile joystick integrated in an adjustable armrest
  5. Dual Motor Drive
    • Two powerful AC drive motors integrated in the front axle
    • Active steering support through dual motor drive
  6. Linde Operator’s Compartment
    • Ergonomic design for efficient fatigue-free working
    • Spacious operator’s compartment with generous floor plate area and adjustable seat
    • Reduced vibrations due to the innovative concept of decoupling the driver’s cab
  7. Clearview Mast Design
    • Excellent view of load and surroundings through the robust and slim mast profiles
    • Maximum load capacity up to the highest lifting heights
    • Enormous residual capacities
  8. Linde Energy Management
    • Optimized energy consumption
    • Accurate battery condition indicator
    • Simple horizontal battery charging