DataCenter Air Purifier – DAP Series

Product Information

Bry-Air setting new benchmarks in gas phase filtration have introduced a custom-designed solution for data centres known as Bry-Air DataCenter Air Purifier (DAP). With the introduction of the Bry-Air DataCenter Air Purifier (DAP), you can now protect your data centre effectively from the threat of electronic corrosion and abrupt failures. Bry-Air DAP is manufactured to the highest quality, reliability and ecological standards.

Bry-Air DAP houses a revolutionary Honeycomb Chemical Filter which is the heart of the system. This next-generation revolutionary new medium is a building block of our new custom-designed solution for data centres. Bry-Air macro-porous desiccant formed honeycomb matrix filter has a high bulk density. It has a very high structural strength as well as adsorption capacity. This honeycomb matrix technology not only reduces the size of DAP but also increases its efficiency and life while reducing energy bills. All this provides a much higher capacity chemical filter with a much longer mean time between replacements (MTBR).

Salient Features of Honeycomb based Bry-Air DataCenter Air Purifier (DAP)

  • Only honeycomb filter with permanganate
  • Ease in replacement of media filter
  • Optimum space utilization
  • Ease of operations/maintenance
  • Very high impregnation of an oxidizing agent, resulting in 100% desired output
  • Filters cassettes are made of stainless steel (SS)
  • Filters are tested in accordance with the standards of ASHRAE 145.2 and ISO 11155-2
  • Energy-saving because of very low-pressure drop over traditional media
  • Bry-Air air purification honeycomb bed recirculation/pressurization units (GPF) are the self-contained units
  • Bry-Air purification systems remove both organic and inorganic contaminants from the air and supply air free of contaminant gases to the controlled environment
  • Robust CNC fabricated structural construction & painted unit

Easy to operate

  • Suitable for continuous operation
  • Manual switch for operating the system
  • Easy to handle due to low weight

Easy to install

  • Versatile, easy to package and handle
  • Small footprint, low volume/weight per CMH

Easy to maintain

  • Quick and easy to service
  • Easy honeycomb media replacement
  • Easy, tool-free access to all major components
  • Quick serviceability and maintenance-free operation

DataCenter Air Purifiers ensure uninterrupted Data Center performance and avoid threats of electronic corrosion & abrupt failures.