Product Information

BryShield is a first of its kind, innovative air filtration system that prevents electronic corrosion by removing gaseous and particulate contaminants from the air. It is compact, ceiling suspended and aesthetically designed to easily fit into the false ceiling just like a cassette AC.

The problem is compounded given the poor air quality in most cities and industrial areas. It is especially worse in areas with close proximity to landfill sites, sewage drains and excess vehicular exhaust. Frequent opening of doors and windows for movement and ventilation, only leads to more unfiltered outdoor air coming in the room which adds to the problem.

The BryShield helps ensure consistent uptime through shielding the electronic equipment from corrosive gases. It effectively removes particulates and gaseous contaminants from confined space and addresses the serious threat arising from airborne molecular contamination

Salient features of BryShield

  • Ceiling mounted
  • Compact and light weight
  • Energy efficient
  • No noise pollution
  • Remote controlled
  • Aesthetically designed

Application Areas

Ideal for small server rooms, control rooms and electronic equipment rooms in

  • Banks
  • IT companies
  • Telecom sites
  • Hospitals
  • Media & broadcasting companies
  • R&D centres
  • Smoking lounges… where indoor environment is affected due to various pollutants.